As a proud supplier of VF Engineering, we have recently installed another kit on the E9X M3 chassis.
This kit, the VF540, is an entry level kit for the E9X M3 S65 engine and gives wild, mid-to-top end power with the centrifugal Vortech supercharger. Even though this is an entry level kit, it should not be underestimated as it packs a powerful punch!
With great success working with VF Engineering, we have completed the installation of many other kits, including the VF350 for the E36 M3, the VFK15-01 for the E38 740il, the VFK16-01 for the E39 530i and the VF460 for the E46 M3.
Inquire with us today about these kits or any other VF product you may be interested in.

VF540 Supercharger System