How often should i get an oil change?

  •  BMW recommends and schedules your oil change services every 25,000 km. We do not believe in the same schedule, for lower overall maintenance costs we recommend to change your oil every 7,500-10,000 km or every 5 months (based on an average 2,000km/month). See tech article on crankcase vent valve for more info.

What performance modification has the best bang for your buck?

  •  It all depends on what area of “performance” you would like to enhance. For example better braking power can be easily attained by performance rotors and pads – no need for an expensive big brake kit.

How often should i change my brakes?

  •  Brakes are a variable wear and tear item. There are some users who change their brakes every 50-70,000km, and some who change it more often. Having a more relaxed driving style will prolong the life of your brakes, which means braking lighter and earlier, and especially not riding the brake pedal – it also promotes safer driving and lower risk of accidents.

What is the recommended preventative maintenance schedule?

  •  It all depends on your vehicle’s year and model. Oil change, Inspection 1 or 2 (for 3 series up MY05, 5 series up to MY03, 7 series up to MY01 X5 up to MY06, X3 up to MY06). Vehicles after those model years will have a condition based service that you can check through the on-board computer or I drive system. These reminders will show up in yellow for upcoming services, and red for immediate services.

How do I know if I need a wheel alignment?

  •  Are you experiencing uneven or fast tire wear? An off center steering wheel or the need to battle the steering wheel to stay straight? You may be in need of an alignment. Alignments should be checked at least once a year to ensure fuel economy, and even tire wear. Incorrect tire pressure can also cause the above symptoms and should be checked at cold tire temperature (ideally, before you hit the road for your commute – not after arrival at your destination).

Where can I purchase aftermarket parts for my BMW?

  •  We have developed many strong relationships with leading distributors and manufactures to offer our clients a comprehensive line up of performance products at great prices. Give us a call or send us an email to see if we can assist you in finding what you’re looking for.

What is an inspection service?

  • An inspection service is a periodic service that was designed by BMW to make sure your vehicle is within check at various kilometers. There are 2 inspection services, and are as follows:
  • Inspection I is performed every 40,000 km and is the minor service in your BMW’s maintenance program. For a list of what is included in this service click here
  • Inspection II is the bigger service or complete tune up which is performed every 80,000km. This service is the most comprehensive service, for a list of what is included in this service click here

What types of tires are best for BMW?

  • Buying tires for your BMW all depends on your need and budget. A common misconception is that “all season” tires are the best bang for the buck, but is not entirely true. To every advantage, there is a trade off. Summer tires and all season tires may not make a difference to the average user, but from all season to winter tires is a night and day difference.  Making a choice of tire should be just as important as what you would eat, as it is your only point of contact keeping you to the ground. For example, you can have the most powerful brakes – but they won’t be as effective with an improperly matched or worn condition tire.

Do I need winter tires?

  •  Winter tires are essential in Canadian driving during the winter season. Summer tires can only grip pavement above 7 degrees celsius, anything below and the rubber is too hard to grip. Winter tires are not just for snowy condition but for overall cold climates. Next time you have the chance, feel the difference between the softeness of rubber on a winter tire and summer or even all season tire – you be the judge.

Do you do any body work?

  •  We offer body work services for your BMW. For the most accurate quotation a visit to our facility is required, as body work is a condition based job.

Do you offer better prices than dealerships?

  •  We do offer much better pricing than the dealer. As a smaller shop our overhead is much less, allowing us to use the exact same parts and procedures at a much more affordable cost.

What is the difference between your shop and other shops?

  • The difference between our shops and other shops is that we have multiple staff with experience in all areas of the industry. We also have an extensive array of tools and equipment, paired with diligent service technicians. This gives us an advantage over the rest, and gives you the best knowledge and service required.