As the colder weather has arrived and soon we will find snow on the ground, we need to make sure that our BMW’s are ready to withstand these difficult driving conditions.

The same way we take that extra step to winterize our homes, we need to take that extra step with our vehicles to make sure that they are safe and ready for the winter months.

Book your appointment today so we can help you get your BMW ready for the Canadian cold weather.

We will check over your BMW, including these basic steps:

  • Check and/or Flush and fill your coolant  to prevent the mixture from freezing
  • Inspect your coolant system (radiator, water pump, hoses, expansion tank, thermostat, etc.) and replace if necessary
  • Lubricate the door locks, hinges, etc.
  • Check and/or replace your wiper blades
  • Inspect the washer fluid, heating and defrost  systems for proper functionality
  • Change your oil and filter and tune up your vehicle (if required)
  • Check and top up all your fluids
  • Check  your Crankcase Ventilation System and upgrade to the  Cold climate system (if required)
  • Check your charging system and replace your battery if required
  • Check and install your winter tires.  Adjust the tire pressure
  • Check and/or replace your drivebelts
  • Inspect the 4×4 system, brakes, suspension, etc.
  • INQUIRE about undercoating your BMW

Wishing you a Safe Winter! Remember to keep an emergency kit in your vehicle and DRIVE SAFE!