The BMW M3 is designed as a comfortable, everyday, out of the box, track ready vehicle. BMW has done a fantastic job on producing such a machine.  This is simply not enough for many, including our customer Jeff.

The wider fender flares scream for bigger rubber and the soft, yet responsive suspension design only makes you imagine what a properly setup M3 can do. For Jeff, changing from 225/255 Michelin Pilot Sport 2’s to 245/275 Michelin Pilot Super Sports has drastically increased grip. The suspension has been refreshed with TCKline D/A coilovers (set at custom specs), new Meyle HD RTABs w/ Rogue Engineering RTAB limiters, BIMMERSPORT custom reinforcement plates (welded to the  chassis), OEM subframe bushings and a Motorsport 4.10 gear set which means a very responsive powertrain with the ability to apply the power and keep your traction to a maximum.

E46 M3 Track Prep