Bimmersport 2014 Year in review

 2014 has been an interesting year at Bimmersport Automotive Inc.

From internal changes, to the changes in our customer’s vehicles – it has been an experience that has affected us all at Bimmersport Automotive. If you didn’t already know, Bimmersport Automotive is a small company built on the same core values that you would build a family on. To name some – trust, honesty, respect and integrity are a few of our main values that we put forth dealing with each other, our suppliers and of course – you, our customers. Without following those values it would be hard to imagine us where we are now, compared to when we first opened for business back in 1999. This year specifically we have grown further more to serve you better. Looking over the past year, there has been so much going on that it is hard to sum it all up – however we have picked some favourites we’d like to share.

In our multiple years operating as a business, especially in the GTA we have always tried to keep multiculturalism included with us. We feel due to having a multicultural customer database it is essential to having the same for our staff. By doing this, we feel we are contributing to our local community in many different aspects.

We at Bimmersport take care of 2 different needs for your BMW, maintenance and also performance modifications. Every year there is always something that comes up, that is a memorable task. This year we have chosen 1 specific car for each of those categories.

In our maintenance sector, we have chosen is Dean Novak’s 1991 M5. This jet black beauty has always been probably, THE cleanest 90s and earlier BMW. With it’s uber clean white interior, it is questionable this car even gets driven. This car only sees Genuine BMW parts as well as Castrol TWS oil religiously. Dean is also a member of the BMWCCA Trillium Chapter and participated in the Targa Newfoundland rally.

In our performance sector, we have chose our customer, John Wyskiel’s 2008 ESS Supercharged M3. This car everything you can wish for, a stunning exterior and interior combo coupled with the highest quality parts in the industry. His mod list names consist of ESS Tuning, Brembo Braking Systems, Volk Racing, Ohlin Suspension and of course – Akrapovic Titanium exhaust! Aside from the extensive modification, what makes our smile go ear to ear is the fact that all year round there is not 1 spec of dirt on the car, not even on any part of the brake calipers….a secret not even us in the industry figured out yet!

Bimmersport 2014 Year in Review