Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection

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When buying a used vehicle, there is always the uncertainty of buying a “lemon” or problematic BMW. The used car industry’s reputation makes a lot of people weary of buying from private dealerships. The reality is in every industry there are the honest and genuine companies and those who are dishonest.

By offering this service we give those who are not mechanically inclined a trustworthy and unbiased opinion on the vehicle they are about to purchase. We check the vehicle as if we were buying it ourselves.

We start with the outside of the vehicle, assessing it’s exterior finish for signs of re-paint or accident repair. Once the exterior check is done, brake and suspension components are inspected for signs of upcomming or immediate replacement as well as previously done repairs (which can uncover possible accident damage to structural components). A complete electrical system check is performed, checking for any trouble codes in vehicle modules as well as interior and entertainment functions.

Keep in mind, homework must be done on your end as well. We recommend getting a carfax report as well as researching the dealership selling to you. A hint is a quick google search of the VIN # may uncover some deal making or breaking facts.

Contact us today if you would like to get a vehicle inspection.

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