BMW Specialty Tools

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In order to do the job right, there are specialty tools that cannot be omitted from the job. We have an extensive lineup of tools ranging from suspension tools to engine timing tools to ensure accurate and reliable repair for your BMW. Our trained technicians, sophisticated diagnostic equipment and array of tools give us the advantage over our competition – we also are constantly updating our tool box so we are able to service even the newest BMWs on the road today.

A need for specialty tools would arise in any engine timing job, which can include replacement of the cylinder head gasket or camshaft replacement. Even on cars as early as 2010 there is a need to have these tools for common timing issues. Without these tools, the job is impossible to complete.

Not only do we need tools during the repair, but there are some we need to determine the type of repair. For example, a leaking valve guide can be determined by doing a leak down test – by pressurizing the cylinder, the leak will be quickly and easily found.

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